Rod Williams is one of the main characters in the film Get Out and he is also Chris' best friend. He was also portrayed by comedian Lil Rel Howery.


Rod is a TSA Officer at a airport and he is also Chris' best friend. While Chris is going on the trip to meet Rose's parents, he tries to tell Chris that he shouldn't go because he doesn't know what will happen if he does. After Chris shows up to the Armitage Estate, he tries to call Rod about the weird events that have been going on but Georgina keeps unplugging his phone preventing him from doing so. Once Chris gets enough juice for his phone, he tells Rod about how Missy hypnotized him and Rod believes that they are trying to turn Chris into a sex slave. Later when Chris calls him about "Logan", Rod tells him that he is a old friend named "Andre Hayworth" that they knew back in the day but before Chris' phone dies before they could continue the conversation even further. After not hearing from Chris for two days, Rod starts to get worried as he tries to go to the police but they don't believe him after providing them with the details he has and then tries to record Rose while on a phone call with her but she manages to ruin it by scolding Rod about him supposedly having "secret feelings" for her. At the end of the film, Rod then comes to Chris' rescue in a TSA cruiser but before they drive away he again reminds Chris that he told him he shouldn't of gone to the house in the first place.


  • The character has received critical acclaim from critics and audiences, he is also described as the "best friend that everyone needs" and "the voice of the audience that screams at the screen while watching horror movies".
  • Lil Rel Howery received the 2017 MTV Movie Award for "Comedic Performance" for his role in the film.
  • The character has also given real-life TSA officers a good name.